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The CyberCoupons Deal of the Day is a great way for businesses to reach new customers and a great way for customers to save up 90% at businesses in their area. Every day there is a new deal so you have to act fast to make sure you purchase before the offer is sold out or expires. This sense of urgency allows the Deal of the Day to take advantage of the “Collective Buying Power” that occurs when customers share a great deal with their friends. The Deal of the Day; it’s a great tool for business and offers huge savings for customers and their friends. 

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CyberCoupons, a coupon portal and technology based company, has been a leader in the cooperative universal loyalty card industry since the idea was first conceived by its founder John Schoof, of Portland, Oregon in 1998. The company services local businesses by providing turn-key marketing solutions that bring new customers through their doors and turn both new and existing customers into loyal customers that frequent more often. Its proprietary technology works hand-in-hand with its data-encoded universal loyalty cards, which has proved to deliver a better bottom line to its advertisers.
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When people think of savings, they think of CyberCoupons.

To provide advertisers with the most cost effective marketing program by connecting them to CyberCoupons’ member audience.
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The company has utilized several methods of distribution, including; cooperative direct mail, telephone books, local merchant point-of-sale, and its “CyberPass” technology. Offers can be accessed through the internet and web-enabled mobile devices. “Carry one card good at hundreds of locations” is their motto, rather than carrying dozens of different cards.

With hundreds of participating businesses and over 2 million membership cards distributed throughout Western Washington, CyberCoupons is poised and plans to expand into several hundred markets throughout the United States and Canada.

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Since the implementation of its cooperative universal loyalty card program, the company has pioneered several new facets to its media mix including an internet television portal, an online member e-magazine, and online shopping portal.


The television portal hosts a variety of networks, including its own productions. The “News Channel” hosts its own anchors and features current event news that is typically not covered and sometimes even blocked by main stream media. The “Health Channel” covers medical topics and hosts interviews with doctors, experts, and delivers moving stories of real people and their health battles. The “Movie Channel” features inspirational, quality, movie choices that the whole family can enjoy.

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 The “CyberCoupons Magazine” is online and available to all registered members. A sneak-peek of each new edition is e-mailed to all members who have opted-in by providing their email address. It features exciting and informative stories and “Hot Topics” such as where to dine, beauty tips, health stories, local city write-ups, a “Dining and Entertainment” section with several pages of savings, Chef’s recipes and more.

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  • CyberCoupons provides its advertisers the best value for their advertising dollar.
  • CyberCoupons takes time to know its advertisers and develop marketing campaigns that generate the highest ROI in the industry.
  • CyberCoupons works to include offers from businesses that add value to the lives of the member audience, from trying out new restaurants, to improving their homes.

To create a work environment where productivity is defined in terms of fulfillment and respect.

  • CyberCoupons’ distributors are not just customers for media products and mail services, but are an integral part of its business.
  • As a distributor, you are a valued member of their business. Their experienced team of professionals will help you create the successful business you desire.
  • CyberCoupons offers you the opportunity to build a profitable business by providing excellent training, development and support, consistently branded products, and efficient high-quality production and delivery system.
  • Together, you and CyberCoupons create a partnership based on mutual respect for each other’s capabilities that enable you both to effectively meet the needs of advertisers and offer maximum values to card members.


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