Opt-In Media is founded on the principle that marketing has forever changed. Without permission and acceptance, your marketing is probably falling on deaf ears. Broadcasting a message in the traditional methods doesn't work the way it did even five years ago. Consumers today can shop prices, research benefits and read impartial reviews without you ever knowing you are on their radar.

• Our capabilities are rooted in data-collection combining consumer insights, creativity and technology. With this insight we put businesses in touch with consumers using our wide platform of media options.

• We work with small B2C and B2B firms using our digital capabilities to create a conduit that reaches both their loyal and targeted customers. With a media-neutral strategy and a powerful tool chest; Opt-In Media targets the right tools for the message.

• Our Customer Relationship Software (CRS) marketing technology includes a market-driven universal loyalty card, social media marketing tools, a dynamic online shopping website, prepaid gift cards and a rewards program. In addition to this, we’ve implemented a web-based, integrated point-of-sale (POS) data collection system that assists merchants in quickly developing customer databases and then marketing to them.


John Schoof – CEO & Chairman of the Board     

Mr. Schoof is the founder and CEO of CyberCoupons and the Opt-In Media Corporation which is a universal loyalty card program and premier coupon portal destination for valuable savings on restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. He is a brilliant visionary, he recently enhanced the business model to monetize coupon revenues online, via “The Best of CyberCoupons –Deal of the Day”. He repositioned the company from a print driven business model to a franchisable, integrated software technology based company utilizing our proprietary software as well as integration with Google’s Android smart phone technology.

Mr. Schoof is responsible for the oversight of integrating new content and applications for improved data manipulation, as well as, enhanced website browsing. These beta products include social media integration, Internet television, smart phone technologies, hybrid points-rewards process for online shopping, e-magazine, trackable coupons via the GTN (Global Transaction Network) coupon portal including streaming video, and credit card terminals and POS software with real-time data capturing. As a strategic business developer, he has acquired key channel partnerships including Clipper Magazine, Phone Directories Companies, and Verizon, a Fortune 500 company, that resulted in the distribution of 2.1 million Cybercoupons membership cards throughout the Puget Sound market.

Mr. Schoof has served in a variety of capacities including business consulting and development, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, assembling and managing task forces and advisory boards, and is an experienced business operator and sales executive. His most recent accomplishments have been forging strategic alliances with point of sales (POS) provider National Computer Corp (NCC), credit card app company CardSpring, reliable e-commerce solution provider Plug’N Pay, and payment card processing giant FirstData Offerwise to integrate our proprietary technologies and loyalty card software.

  Ron Elgin - Board Member & Advisor

Ron Elgin is the co-founder of Elgin-Syferd. He and Dave Syferd built their ad agency from nothing to $240 million a year making it the largest ad agency in the Northwest. Upon retirement they sold their agency to DDB Worldwide advertising agency.

Ron Elgin is internationally recognized as one of brightest and longest lasting stars of the advertising agency world. He began his amazing career as an intern while at the University of Washington, School of Communications. Upon graduation, he became an award winning copywriter before switching to the business side of the intensely competitive advertising agency life.

In 1981, Ron left the comfort of being an Executive VP of the region’s largest ad firm to create a different kind of agency – one without boundaries, where each communication discipline would have an equal voice in helping solve business problems. That agency, Elgin Syferd, grew from the market’s smallest to the largest with the help of clients such as McDonald’s, Nordstrom, Holland America Line, Jansport, The North Face, Genentech, Energy Star Division of the EPA, Swedish Medical Center, Exclusive Resorts, to name a few.

Right from the beginning, Ron was astute enough to understand that to be successful on the international stage he needed to hire people who were, as he’d put it, “smarter than me.” But that wasn’t enough. Because he knew that smart people needed a place they could spread their wings and love, he instituted a strict “No Jerks Allowed” policy. Ron set a high standard for the work they did, but he did not micromanage. He let his people run the show, even when it made him uncomfortable – which it often did. His agency became famous for allowing its people to take risks and given “the freedom to fail.” It paid off. The agency grew from the smallest to the market’s largest with more than two hundred professionals and a quarter of a billion dollars in annual billings.

During this time, Ron also co-founded several other communications firms. The first was a graphic design firm named Hornall Anderson which grew from three principals to several hundred employees and offices in Seattle, NY and London. Ron served as the company’s chairman for 10 years. The next was a direct marketing firm named CF2GS where he also served as Chairman. After growing that company to one of the largest of its kind in the Northwest, they sold it to a global entity. Other companies included Adworks, a retail advertising agency; and, Elgin Syferd Drake, Idaho’s largest advertising/PR agency.

After 10 years of phenomenal growth, Elgin Syferd was pursued by the global agency, DDB Worldwide. Realizing the growth opportunities for the agency’s employees and clients, the agency became the Seattle office of DDB in 1994. Ron remained as CEO and became a member of their North American board until his retirement in 2011.

As Ron became an ambassador for the Northwest’s advertising community, he also found time to sit on countless boards corporate as well as charitable, cultural and civic. He has received many awards including Big Brother’s Community Citizen of the Year; AAAA Golden Halo; and the American Advertising Federation Silver Medal Award.

Of course, as everyone who knows Ron will say, he loves his family more than anything. He knows he wouldn’t be where he is without Bonnie, his “beautiful, extremely bright and patient” wife of 45 years and his wonderful daughter, son-in-law and three fabulous grandkids.

Even after formally retiring from DDB at the end of 2011, Ron was still not done. He created a marketing consulting firm, reconnects and wrote a 500 page “humorous account of his life in advertising” titled Huckster. The book was released in August, 2014 to rave reviews.

Ron serves on several corporate boards including Hart Crowser, a national geotechnical engineering firm, and Fluidmaster, the world’s largest toilet trim manufacturer.

Bob Jones – Board Member & Advisor

Robert W. Jones has been serving the greater Seattle area as one of its most trusted C.P.A.s since 1974. His tax experience, along with his personal touch, has made Bob one of the most sought after C.P.A.s in the Northwest. Bob specializes in tax planning and preparation for individuals and small to medium sized businesses, quarterly business and payroll taxes, financial planning, and corporate retirement plans.




Sabrina Nelson - Chief Financial Officer

Sabrina Hwang Nelson is licensed as a CPA and CFP®. She also received the PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) designation awarded by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in Financial Planning. Ms. Nelson has extensive experience in private sector accounting and has previously served as the CFO in the IT sector.

As a CPA, Ms. Nelson has worked with individuals and small to medium sized business clients. She has demonstrated expertise in Tax Preparation for both individuals and businesses and provides corporate accounting services for small to medium sized businesses. Ms. Nelson has been active in the development of tax planning strategies for individuals and businesses and has accomplished substantial tax savings through proper tax planning.

Ms. Nelson has been active with business clients in the initial planning of business structures, cash flow and budget analyses, cost analyses, and operations reviews. Her tax activities in the corporate arena include providing a wide spectrum of tax planning strategies, domestic and foreign tax return preparation, review, research, and IRS audit defense for clients. She has also been involved in financial planning and the selection and set up of retirement plans for both business and substantial individual clients.


Robert (Bob) Pesicka – VP of Operations, COO    

Mr. Pesicka brings over 30 years of experience as a Manager of Data Centers and Call Centers to Opt-In Media and holds an MBA from City University of Seattle, WA. His strong communications, IT background and organizational skills are central to Opt-In Media’s Process Architecture and Project Planning needs.

Mr. Pesicka assisted in IT contract proposal writing and his team won a $1.4 billion contract for the Boeing Company’s IT department from the Ministry of Defense of England. He will be responsible for the project flow from our Sales channel through Production, Request Fulfillment and Quality. His role here will draw heavily on his experience working for the Boeing Company in developing production plans, setting up call centers, process architecture, lean manufacturing, graphic work instructions, design, build, test and implementation of projects. His experience in managing world class data centers and inbound/outbound customer call centers will play an intricate role in implementing our First Data and customer support service model for our point of sale services with NCC POS and Clover POS stations.


Kevin Andal - VP of Restaurant Operations

Mr. Andal brings to the Opt-In Media Corporation a strong legacy and very successful career in the restaurant industry over the past 25 years and is currently a successful real estate broker. He has returned to his passion for the restaurant industry as our Vice President of Restaurant Operations, as an investor, and is one of our newest CyberCoupons Distributors in the Puget Sound area.

One of the greatest benefits of having Mr. Andal on our management team is that his family’s restaurants have used the CyberCoupons Universal Loyalty program for many years which gives him a excellent footing in dealing with the merchants on our program and he has years of experience in dealing with point of sale systems.

Early on in his restaurant career he helped manage his family’s three restaurants, Gerry Andal’s Ranch Restaurants, Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing and Gerry Andal’s Restaurant in Stanwood Washington. He also managed the well known Schwartz’s Bros. famous Cucina! Cucina! Restaurant on Lake Union in Seattle with sales over $6 million a year. He also has worked for a Point of Sale company called, Progressive Systems.

He is a graduate of Washington State University where he played football and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.


Richard Fricks – Co-Founder, VP of Business Development & CTO     

Richard Fricks is the primary developer for all of the POS software for the CyberCoupons platform.

Mr. Fricks has worked in the software industry for the last 27 years. Richard has worked at Microsoft for over 25 years where his areas of expertise included being a Technical Account Manager, for the worlds largest PC OEM’s and Device Driver and Software Development Consultant to premier ISV and IHV accounts, around the world. In addition, he has served at Microsoft in the capacity of Project Manager, reporting to the Director of Customer Support Services; Release Manager for multimedia extensions; and Program Manager in the Windows division, responsible for designing Multimedia related features. In 1995, Richard founded Digital Media Productions, a custom software development and internet design company.

Mr. Fricks most recent accomplishments has been completion and publication of Opt-In Media Corp’s Global Transaction Network (GTN) API which has aided us in forging strategic alliances with point of sales (POS) provider National Computer Corp (NCC), credit card app company CardSpring, reliable e-commerce solution provider Plug’N Pay, and payment card processing giant FirstData Offerwise.

Keith McCammon – Director Program Management

For the past 15 years Keith McCammon has been an outstanding program manager at Microsoft Corporation with a team of 250 employees and managed revenues of $54 Billion. His skill set includes being an experienced IT professional with hands-on technical program and project management experience including delivery of global-scale enterprise programs for ERP and customer-facing sites, and more than 30 significant projects including agile and scrum for significant enterprise business at Microsoft.

• Business, functional and data analysis
• Business process improvement and automation
• Application performance management
• Enterprise architecture
• User Experience (UX)
• Continuous product and process improvement


Shanon Rogers – Customer Service Manager

Mrs. Rogers has a multi-faceted career background in Customer Services and Tech Support. Her unique understanding of small to medium sized businesses comes from over ten years in this market segment and as the co-owner and Customer Service Manager of an office equipment and repair business. This unique perspective gives Opt-In Media the needed experience to service our customer base as we scale our products across the United States. Mrs. Rogers has a BA degree from Ashford University in Clinton, IA and is a devoted wife and the mother of three.

Shanon manages the customer service department in addition to providing merchant and sales support to our partners across the nation.



Kevin Walker – Electronic & Software Engineer
Product Development Manager

Kevin brings a diverse knowledge and experience in a wide variety of technological design and operation. These include hardware and software design as well as implementation. Kevin has served as a Technical Equipment Operator and Combat Doc in the United States Navy and later the United States Marine Corps. Kevin's duties included working for the Joint Special Operations Command as well as other intelligence agencies in theaters both foreign and domestic.

Kevin has designed specialized electronic hardware and software for many applications during his time spent serving our country. Kevin comes to us most recently from Marina Medical, where he designed and built a medical laboratory as well as laboratory information system and software. Kevin will be blending that same talent with the rich body of expertise that makes Opt-In Media the company it is today.


Shaun Svenson – Lead Programmer    

Mr. Svenson is the interface between the graphics department and the POS data systems. He is the key web developer and internet strategist, using methods such as cluster analysis and multivariate analysis to derive key metrics and produce information that can be leveraged and sold to merchant accounts.

In his capacity with CyberCoupons, he created our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for customers to listen to available CyberCoupons offers over their telephone, using a combination of ASP programming, SQL queries and text to speech conversion along with control code that directs the Teleflow Hype application. He configured and implemented various open source projects including Zencart and OSTicket; debugged a PHP payment module on the Zencart system to interface with Authorize.net; created and maintained the Cyber Coupons Internet marketing campaign using Google Adwords and Microsoft’s adCenter; used the Google maps API to show the geographic locations of advertisers, customers and merchants; and has been responsible for the CyberCoupons.com domain including the database design, front-end look and programming, as well as the back-end CMS system for managing advertiser accounts.

Mr. Svenson holds two BS degrees, one in Business Administration–Finance Specialization and the other in Economics–Managerial Economics Specialization. Mr. Svenson also holds a minor in Computer Science.

Carl Beeson – Senior Developer

Mr. Beeson is the interface between our Graphics Department and IT Departments in applying GTN Software to our POS applications for publishing them on the Windows, Apple, & Google Play stores . He is our key web developer and internet strategist, using methods such as cluster analysis and multivariate analysis to derive key metrics to produce information that can be leveraged by our merchants who use our universal loyalty card software, CyberCoupons Rewards.

Mr. Beeson holds Associates Science Degree (AAS) in Information Management Systems degree and has over 22 years as a software developer for point of sale software systems and has worked in building application program interfaces (API’s) for well established merchant credit card processing giants such as Global Payments and First Data.


Bryan McCammon – Print and Art Department Manger    

Mr. McCammon brings 17 years of experience to the Opt-In Media Corporation in three very distinct and well needed skill sets which include Graphic Design, Photography and Print Management. He has two associate degrees in Visual Communications/Graphic Design one from Highline Community College in Des Moines, WA and one from the Occupational Skills Center in SeaTac, WA.

Mr. McCammon is in charge of creating our User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) graphic designs for our CyberCoupons.com and Opt-In Media websites as well as for our smart phone applications. Large portions of our photographic collateral contained on our websites were coordinated and taken by him and all of our print products are laid out, designed, printed and shipped by him.

Douglas Gibson – Alliance Media Group    

Mr. Gibson worked as a studio camera operator and audio engineer for 25 years at KING TV in Seattle, WA where he participated in a number of productions including commercials, industrial training, sporting events, theater for television and as a crew member of several local news and talk shows. Notably he crewed for visits to Seattle by the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Phil Donahue Show, NBC’s Today Show and NBC’s Nightly News.

While working with Opt-In Media, Mr. Gibson has overseen all aspects of video production for the CyberCoupons.com and Opt-In Media’s website as well as other multi-media collateral offerings including PowerPoint presentations. Opt-In Media understands how significant our multi-media department is and the role it plays in helping our clients, "get the word out" about their business, through placement of videos on their own website, YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets. These videos offer more about a business and what a member can expect from them, than can ever by achieved through a single image and a text write up.

Thomas Pitton – Accounting & I.T. Support

Because of Mr. Pitton’s multi-skilled background he wears two hats in maintaining our IT infrastructure and taking care of our accounts receivables and payables (AR/AP). He is an experienced Network Administrator with over 10 years of experience initiating, maintaining, and managing networks in both Windows 2008 & Windows 2008 R2 environments with a strong knowledge of network hardware which includes servers, routers, and other networkable computing devices.

Mr. Pitton has an Associate of Arts degree in LAN Technology & Software Engineering from South Seattle Community College and has an Associate of Arts degree in accounting from Griffin Business College in Seattle, WA. He has 10 plus years in maintaining accounts payable and performing payroll for his previous employer which included creating and modifying Crystal Reports and is currently performing bookkeeping duties in Intuit’s Quick Books.